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The struggle is real for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs aiming to deliver transformational value. The conventional modalities often fall short, leaving clients yearning for more profound, impactful change. 

In a market brimming with "how-to" courses and saturated business models, standing out requires something genuinely transformative, something that can navigate the depths of the human psyche and unleash unparalleled growth.

How can you differentiate and elevate your offerings in a world cluttered with cookie-cutter solutions?

Simple: Breathwork.

Properly done, a quality breathwork session can help eliminate stress and unwanted energy that’s been stuck in the body. Especially for high-strung entrepreneurs and business owners, we’ve seen breathwork create space for these people to give more in their lives. 

Give more to their businesses, give more to their clients, and even give more to their friends and family. 

People around the world are seeing how impactful it really is. These are immediately transformative experiences that have been leaving people wanting more—and it shows. 

Over the last year, breathwork has seen a 10x surge in Google searches.  

And with this influx of people searching for a practice that can help remove obstacles and release years' worth of negative thought patterns, practitioners are needed now more than ever. 

9D Breathwork literally needs people like you.

  • People who are interested in making an impact in their community. 

  • People who are connected to and want to help elevate the experience people are already having with traditional breathwork.

  • People who want to start making money the second they get their own 9D Breathwork In A Box.

4 Major Benefits For Leveraging 9D Breathwork As Your Next Business Opportunity:

1. You don’t need to create ANYTHING. All of the audios are sound-engineered specifically for you.

2. You don’t need to be a facilitator already, we’ll train you on how to hold space for others and create a safe and nurturing environment for your clients to process the trauma stored in their body.

3. You don’t need to have a built-in audience (although it will help): 9D Breathwork facilitators can easily partner up with their local yoga or meditation studios and offer the service to their clientele.

4. Becoming a 9D breathwork practitioner/facilitator can supercharge your business. It not only helps you stand out from the incredibly saturated coaching crowd, but it’ll allow your clients to reach breakthroughs in your program faster and with more intensity.

Speed To Launch

You can train in just 1 day, which means a fast return on your investment and immediate action!

World Class Training

Breathwork facilitation, business, sales, and social media training from the leaders of the industry.

Done-For-You Breathwork Experiences

Tested and tried powerful transformational journeys that will blow everyone's minds and lead to asking them for more.

Licensed Use Of The 9D Breathwork Brand

Become a part of a powerful global brand as a "Verified 9D Facilitator".

Elite Audio Engineering Team

Working full-time in the studio to produce experiences for you and your clients so you can focus on growing your business.

New Experiences Added Every Month

Ever-growing content library constantly increasing your value as a facilitator.

Here’s How Quickly You Can Get Started:

But that’s not just some arbitrary timeline we’ve put together, we already have 9D Breathwork Facilitators who’ve started making an impact AND making money.

Breathwork In A Box is designed to equip you with everything you need to succeed. From world-class training to a comprehensive facilitator kit, we've got you covered. You'll become a certified 9D Breathwork Facilitator, ready to offer life-changing experiences from day one.

What’s Inside/What Do You Get When You Join?

13 Branded 9D Bluetooth HiFi Headsets

($2,599 value)

Ultimate Connectivity Bundle: 1 Multi-Unit Signal Transmitter, 1 Sixteen Port USB Charger, & 1 Wireless Headset Microphone

($499 value)

6-Months Free Unlimited Access to 9D Audio Library

($1,200 value)

In-Depth Technical Setup Instructions & Support

($1,199 value)

Expert Video Training: Space Setup, Enhancing Student Journey, Breathwork Support Team Training & Integration Tips

($999 value)

Ultimate Business & Sales Mastery Course

($11,999 value)

Proven Partner Venue Approach Strategy

($1,799 value)

Exclusive Earning & Commission Opportunities

($2,999 value)

Over $23,290 of real value but you won’t even pay ⅓ of that! The Earning Potential Is AMAZING

Whether you want to do breathwork facilitating full-time or you simply want to add it to your next mastermind retreat, there’s some serious money to be made with 9D Breathwork.

your earning potential

assuming $50/session/person

$109,200 per year

  • Leading half-full sessions

  • 7 sessions per week


  • Leading full sessions

  • 7 sessions per week


  • Leading full sessions

  • 14 sessions per week

your earning potential

assuming $50/session/person

$109,200 per year

  • Leading half-full sessions

  • 7 sessions per week


  • Leading half-full sessions

  • 7 sessions per week


  • Leading half-full sessions

  • 7 sessions per week

A New Chapter Awaits

This is more than just another business opportunity it's an invitation to join a movement that's changing lives across the globe as we speak. 

If you're ready to stand out, make a significant impact, and propel your business to new heights, Breathwork In A Box is your key. 

Schedule a call with us today and embark on a journey that promises not just financial rewards, but the profound satisfaction of transforming lives.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Become a pioneer in the breathwork revolution and watch your business and your clients flourish like never before.

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